How to Play Dear Prudence

Here’s a couple of great guitar tutorials which show you how to play Dear Prudence.   The chord positions in this song are relatively straight forward – the tricky part is the picking pattern.  As always just start off by breaking the song down into the different sections and play these slowly.  The speed will come with practice.

Did you know that the picking pattern for Dear Prudence is exactly the same as Julia?  So when you’ve got the hang of it then you should try learning that song too.

First, here’s a great lesson from Peter Thorn showing how to play Dear Prudence.

Next, here’s another excellent lesson from Andrew DuBrock, posted by maleproz:

If finger picking isn’t really your thing you could try strumming the song with a plectrum as this can sound quite good.  As they used to say on Blue Peter, here’s one I made earlier – I’ve always wanted to say that!

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