How to Play Under the Bridge

This post features some great videos from Justin Sandacre that show you how to play Under The Bridge by The Red Hot Chili Peppers.   If you’ve never heard of Justin then you’re in for a treat as his web site,, is one of the very best guitar resources on-line.

Justin’s site contains many, many excellent lessons and tutorials (all free) so if you want to learn about guitar playing then this site has everything you need.  There are also some great .pdf’s  and DVDs available (for a small charge) but given the quality the prices are cheap and offer great value for money.   Justin’s YouTube Channel is well worth checking out too.

Part 1 of the Under the Bridge guitar lesson covers the intro

Part 2 of the Under the Bridge guitar lesson covers the verse parts, all the cool chords, Hendrix style embellishments and strumming

Part 3 of the Under the Bridge guitar lesson covers the chorus and outro parts, all the chords and strumming

Here’s a link to the guitar tabs for Under the Bridge if you need them

Finally, in this excellent video John Frusciante himself shows  you how to play Under the Bridge, as well as discussing  inspiration and approaches to guitar playing.  Hugely interesting stuff from an amazingly talented guy.

John Frusciante – Guitar Lesson Under the Bridge

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