How to Play Paranoid Android

Paranoid Android is an awesome track.  Fact.   It is also pretty tricky to learn and it took me a long time to learn how to play Paranoid Android and become proficient.  On the plus side it is always guaranteed to impress whenever you play it in front of friends so it is well worth the effort.

The picking pattern is very intricate if you want to play exactly like you hear on the original recording, but when you watch Radiohead play this live (and in particular Thom York when he plays it solo) you can see that there’s plenty of scope for not being quite so precise.

Most of the time when I play Paranoid Android these days I use a jazzy, laid back picking style which gives a nice groovy feel and sounds great on a classical guitar.

How To Play Paranoid Android – Video Lessons and Links to Chords and Tabs

First, here’s an accurate lesson from Peter Thorn, detailing how to play note-for-note Radiohead’s ‘Paranoid Android” intro…

Next, here’s a great run though of the whole song from ketket72 which although not a lesson really helped me to get my head around the whole structure of the song…

Here’s three great tutorials from Warren for when you really want to get to know how to play Paranoid Android and get everything exactly right, part one:

…and part two of how to play Paranoid Android:

…and part three of how to play Paranoid Android:

I totally recommend checking out Warren’s YouTube channel if you’re into Radiohead – there are many excellent Radiohead lessons there.

Paranoid Android Chords and Tabs

Here’s link to some guitar tabs for Paranoid Android and guitar chords for Paranoid Android if you need ‘em.

And finally, here’s how Thom Yorke plays it.  The quality of the recording from paranoidrobot isn’t the best but the performance Thom gives is proper good:

Know of any other good guitar resources for Paranoid Android? Use the comments to share links.

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