How to Play Ramble On

I’ve seen lots of great lessons that show you how to play Ramble On by Led Zeppelin and it’s a cool song to learn which sounds great on either electric or acoustic guitars.

Lots of people play it in slightly different ways which I always find quite interesting just because it gives you lots of ideas.  I really got into this song after watching Jimmy Page play it on It Might Get Loud, but more on that later.

How to Play Ramble On Video Lessons and Tabs links

Here’s a straight forward how to play Ramble On lesson from GtrGeorge which I really like just because it is pretty easy to pick up.

Here’s a Ramble On lesson from martyzsongs which is slightly different but is easy again and well worth checking out when you’re learning the first part of this song:

Here’s another arrangement from privettricker which contains all the acoustic guitar parts:

Finally, here’s a scene from the excellent ‘It Might Get Loud‘ film featuring Jimmy Page playing Ramble On and discussing technique, posted by n13k86:

….and a great video from AndyK243, showing you how to play like Jimmy does in the previous video:

If you need any more help check out the Ramble On tabs from

Know of any other good guitar resources for Ramble On? Use the comments to share links.

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